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Ninevah Plain

We the editors of Shabak News Site are an independant Shabak site that is neutral and is not in any way under influence from any Iraqi or Foreign party. We are here to convey the Shabak peoples oppression from terrorists and the Kurdifying process which the Kurdish political parties are practicing in the Ninevah plain against the Shabak people and also the other minorities. We are here to bring the truth to the world about the Shabak oppression..... everything we do is self made and self financed.


Ninevah Plain

On Monday at around 5 a.m in the morning on the 17.12.2012 a car bomb exploded in Muwafaqiya village. A village where the majority of the Shabak people have been displaced from their homes in Mosul city. The car bomb killed 7 Shabak people and injured 15 others severely. We once again call on the Iraqi Government to protect the Shabak minority people in the Ninevah Plain by creating shabak police force in the area.



The UNAMI human rights advisor in Iraq represented by Ms. Nuno visited on Sunday, 16/12/2012, the administrative board of the Iraqi Minorities Council and had a lengthy discussion on all issues concerning the minorities in Iraq. The main discussions were how to develop a mechanism to monitor the areas inhabited by these minorities, especially in Kirkuk and Mosul, Diyala and how the different security forces in these areas by the central government or by other forces (Kurdish Peshmerga) have an impact on the entire electoral process. Head of the Iraqi Minorities Council Dr. AL-Qaddo and his deputy Professor Louis Akulaims and all administrative members, considered that it is an important step in strengthening the relationship between local and international organizations, especially UN mission because of their great importance in influencing the current Iraqi situation . The Iraqi Minorities Council was established 2005, the efforts of some activists in the field of human rights, minorities, and practiced his work so far has been supported by the support and confidence of local and international organizations for his efforts and a unique activity in minorities.

Bloody October For The Shabak People

Ninevah Plain

An overall summary of all the terrorists attacks on the Shabak people in October alone 2012.... Bloody October for the Shabak ...Thanks goes to the Mosul Governor Mr. Atheel AL-Nujaifi whoes false remarks on the Shabak as Shiite people having militias have trigered a wave of attacks on these peacefull people from Sunni terrorist extremists in Mosul.

Date Place Type Of Attack Details
11.10.12 Gogjaly IED Killed policeman Ali Ibrahim Khalil
12.10.12 Kaberly Village Kidnapping The Shabak person Ahmed Hassan Tawfiq was kidnapped and his body was then found 3 days later near Kebrly village.
15.10.12 Mosul Sticky Bomb The Shabak citizen Mr. Abbas Fathel Mohammed and his wife were killed after a sticky bomb was planted in his car. His brother in the car was severly injured and is in critical condition. He and his wife worked at Mosul University.
27.10.12 Mosul IED IED was planted infront of the houses of 3 Shabak brothers Mohammed Issa family. Luckily no injuries but great property damage.
27.10.12 Orta Khrab Village Sticky Bomb A motorbike exploded infron of the Orta Khrab village causing 2 injuries and light damage.
27.10.12 Mosul- Hay Karama IED Two IED bombs exploded infront of the Shabak citizen Fathel Abbas. His six sons all were badly injured.
27.10.12 Mosul- Hay Somer House Attack Terrorists attacked a house where Yousif Mohammed was killed and his wife and his children were all critically injured after sprayed with gun shot wounds.
27.10.12 Mosul-Hay Karama House Attack Terrorists attacked a flat in Karam flats where Hussein Mukhtar Khalil , his wife and older son were all killed at blank point shot in the head.
27.10.12 Mosul.Hay ALkhadra IED IED exploded infront of the house of Shaker Ahmed Ismail which resulted in him and his son injured from the blast.
27.1012 Mosul-Hay Andalus IED Three IED exploded infront of the house of Ridha Mohammed Issa and his brother. Luckily no injuries but great property damage.
27.10.12 Tees Khrab Village Car Bomb A car bomb was safely detonated which was placed near the Asia cell tower in Tees Khrab Village.
27.10.12 Mosul- Hay Somer Displace 11 Shabak families were displaced from their homes in Hay Somer Mosul after the recent terrorists attacks.
30.10.12 Mosul University Displace 20 Shabak students have been forced not to go to university after recieving threats.

Thes attacks have all increased greatly after the Governor of Ninevah sparked sectarian remarks aiming them at the Shabak people who are mostly Shiite muslims.

Ninevahs Governor Atheel Al-Nujaifi.....Sectarian Remarks Causing Shabak Killings


It is very sad to see how a person in a high ranking position as a governor can change his views and stance against the Mosul people , the unity of Ninevah province , cause Sectarian hatred against the Shabak people. Mr. Atheel Al-Nujaifi was elected Governor of Ninevah after he promised to the Mosul people that he will unite the province of Ninevah and bring back all the taken area which the Kurdish political parties control back to its original Ninevah Province borders. After 2 years in office Mr. Atheel Al-Nujaifi promises was only lies, he actually made a coalition with the Kurdish parties and started to make personal profits from this agreement between him and the Kurdish parties. The Mosul people were disgusted by this and he knows very well that in the upcoming elections he will not be very succesfull. His only way out was to turn on the Shabak people and bringing in sectarain hatred as a way of giving him popularity among Sunni Extremists in Ninevah Province. He has been accusing the Shabak people of having Shiite muslim brigades around the Shabak villages and that they are a threat to the Mosul people. He has also stated that the Shabak are entirely supporting the central government because the Shabak are Shiite muslims only looking at the Shiite Government in Baghdad. His remarks and statements in the past 3-4 weeks has led to an incvrease of Shabak killings in Mosul city and the Shabak villages from terrorists. The Shabak people are peacefull people who have complete respect and love to the Mosul people and the area which they know as home. They have lived with other minorities and faiths for hundreds of years in peace.

Al-Qaddo holds a press conference in defense of the oppressed Shabak

Ninevah Plain

Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo Secretary General Shabak Democratic Gathering and Mr. Qusay Abbas Shabak representative in the province of Nineveh and Deputy Secretary-General held on the morning of Sunday 28 October 2012 a press conference on the recent killings which occurred to the Shabak people in the past two days. Dr. Al-Qaddo pointed out that a national approach is important in dealing with such events and to abandon foreign agendas aimed at tearing national unity, he also carried terrorist groups and sunni extremists "takfiri" responsibility of those attacks demanding the federal government to protect the minorities and Shabak people in the Ninevah plain. Mr. Qusay Abbas also drew attention that some political leaders started to launch sectarian statements against the Shabak people accusing them of having Shiite militias in the Ninevah plain area. These false accusation are contrary to the truth and reality which will bring more hatred from terrorists to kill more Shabak people. Mr. Qusay Abbas also noted its important to form a security force from the people living in the area , from all the minorities in the Ninevah plain under the control of the central government to protect the entrances to villages and places of worship and holy sites in order to preserve the lives of innocent citizens.

SHabak Democratic Party hold a peacefull demonstration in mewafaqiya village

Ninevah Plain

The Shabak Democratic Party held on Sunday 11th August 2012 at 5 pm a peacefully demonstration in Mewafaqiya Shabak village condeming the car bomb suicide attack which killed 2 worshippers and injured 70 others. Tens of Shabak people demonstrated on the spot where the attack took place , holding the Ninevah security forces liable for not taking the right measures to bring security to the Shabak villages . Mr. Qusay Abass Ninevah Provincial Council Member from the Shabak ethnic minority held a brief statement with many other well known Shabak Sheiks condemning this brutal and bloody act.

suicide car bomb targeted a mosque in Mewafaqiya Shabak village

Ninevah Plain

A suicide bomber targeted worshipers , praying in Mewafaqiya Mosque . The suicide bomber blew up his car type Kia killing 2 worshipers and injuring 70 others . Ten of the injured are in critical condition in hospital. We condemn these beastly acts against the Shabak people and hold the Iraqi security forces responsibility for not taking measures to ensure the safety of our Shabak people.



Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo secretary general of the Shabak Democratic Party and Mr. Qusay Abbas member of Ninevah Provincial Council held an official press conference on 06.06.2012 with other well known Shabak Sheiks and Shabak people confirming their full support in backing Mr. Maliki as Prime Minister Of Iraq and his partnership coalition . Dr. Al-Qaddo stated that the Shabak people and the Shabak Democratic Party fully support and back Mr. Maliki and reject the no-confidence vote which is being planned by other parties against the Iraqi Prime Minister.

Dr. AL-Qaddo Sends Open Letter To Governor Of Ninevah


Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo secretary general of the Shabak Democratic Party and head of the Iraqi Minorities in Iraq sent an open letter to Mr. Atheel Al-Naijafi governor of Nineveh province in Iraq. In this open letter Dr. Al-Qaddo questioned him about the dramatic changes towards the Kurdish parties in Ninevah province and the secret agreements with them. Here is a small post from his letter :- " Mr Atheel Al-Naijafi why this sudden change towards your former positions to the Kurdish parties and your closer ties to them in Ninevah province? We are not against any political ties or cooperation but any party especially the Kurdish parties must respect the ethnic minorities and people in the Ninevah plain and not in the process of annexing or Kurdifying the area. Kurdish parties have headquarters every where especially in the ninevah plain exercising the role of policeman in the region, and making threats to any one who does not comply with them. Why dont you talk about drilling for oil in ninevah province with the Iraqi central government? ... instead you have setteled a deal for drilling oil with the Kurdish parties. To enter into an agreement with the Kurdistan region to explore for oil in areas of Nineveh without the central governments acceptance is against the sovereignty of the Iraqi people and against the Iraqi constitution."

Shabak Democratic Party Celeberates Its Ninth Anniversary


The Shabak Democratic Party and Shabak people celebrated its 9th anniversary of its founding at the "Martyr Mullah Abbas" Hall. Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo secretary general of the Shabak Democratic Party and Mr. Qusay Abbas deputy secretary general of Shabak Democratic Party and member of Ninevah Governate Council participated in the celebration including many Shabak Sheiks and Shabak people from different villages attended. The celebration included Shabak folklore poetry, tradition and its heritage. Dr. Al-Qaddo gave a short speech about what the Shabak Democratic Party has achieved in the last 9 years , its strategy , goals and the peacefull fight for the Shabak people although the practically impossible hardships from other larger parties who are trying to rob the Shabaks identity. He also stated that the Shabak Democratic Parties has done miracles due to the fact the Party has no resources or financial support and is mostly self supported by its members and that this courage and willness to fight for the Shabak rights will continue and never die. Dr. Al-Qaddo also thanked all the courageous Shabak people who have stood up to express their rights and not let any one steal their land or identity.

Al-Qaddo & Abbass Visit Shabak Villages

Ninevah Plain

Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo and Mr. Qusay Abbas, visited Bashiqa Village to offer their condolences to the families who lost their shabak sons in the recent terrorist attacks against them. Dr. Al_Qaddo and his deputy Mr. Abbass then went to the Shabak village of Ali Rash where they presented awards to the teams participating in the Shabak football league , they also met many Shabak families and discussed the Shabak situation .

Iraqi Human Rights MInorities Workshop


Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo Head of The Iraqi Minorities was invited by the Ministry of Human Rights to attend and participate in a minorities workshop. The main aims of the workshop where assessing the problems and challenges facing the Iraqi minorities and the search for possible solutions. Dr. Abdul Karim Abdullah Al-Shallal vice minister of human rights , headed the workshop and other government representatives from different Iraqi ministries where also invited. During the workshop, Dr. Al-Qaddo explained the most important problems facing the Iraqi minorities in general and especially the Shabak people. He also gave proposals on how the Iraqi government could take steps to help the Iraqi minorities, such as developing mechanisms to give way for all minorities participating in public life, allocating jobs for them , better security and living standards .

Explosion In BaiBog Shabak Village


A violent explosion shook Baibog Shabak village on Wednesday evening , May 9, 2012 , leading to significant damage in the village which is supposed to be protected under the Kurdish forces "Peshmergha". The Shabak Democratic Assembly correspondent noted that the terrorists placed a car (Kia type) in front of shops before the evening prayer to get the maximum human and material losses. We condemn this cowardly act and call on the Mosul governor to take control of all the areas belonging to the province of Nineveh, as we call on the central government to accept Shabak volunteers in the Iraq army and police to be placed in areas to protect their villages.

The Shabak History, Civilazation and struggle for existence


Dr. Hanin Al-Qaddo Chairman Iraqi minorities and the Secretary-General of the Shabak Democratic Gathering recieved an official invitation from AL-Sadyr Martyr office in Baghdad to give a special lecture on the history and civilization of the Shabak people its title (The Shabak History, Civilazation and Struggle for Existence). Dr. Al-Qaddo shed the light on the long history and civilization of the Shabak people its traditions and culture where they have been living in Iraq for hundreds of years and its special heritage. Later in the special lecture Dr. Al-Qaddo expressed the reality of the present future of the Shabak people and their bitter struggle of existence with the successive regimes in the past (Saddam Era ) and also the present, where now the terrorist groups are killing Shabak people on a daily basis, due to their ethnic beliefs.

Dr. AL-Qaddo and Abbas Meet Gharrawi


Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo and Mr. Qusay Abbas member of the Ninevah Provincial Council met on the 11th of March with Maj. Gen. Mahdi Gharrawi, the commander of the Federal Police at his office on Sunday evening. Both men praised Maj. Gen. Mahdi Gharrawi leadership and his efforts made by him and his officers in dealing with the security situation in Ninevah province and achieving security and stability in the area especially trying to eliminate the terrorist groups working in Mosul. Dr. AL-Qaddo also spoke about the recent operations, which targeted the Shabak people in Mosul and opted the need to set up permanent checkpoints at the entrances and exits of the streets and alleys in ??the North Garage area, which has witnessed recent terrorist operations that has killed five members of the Shabak people in the last 2 months.

Dr. AL-Qaddo Meets with Arab League AMbassador in Iraq


Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo met on the 5th of March the Arab League Ambassador in Iraq Mr. Naji Ahmed Shalgham at his headquarters in Baghdad. Dr. AL-Qaddo talked with Mr. Naji Ahmed Shalgham about the situation in the Ninevah plain and focused on the Shabak ethnic minority and the security situation on a whole in the area. Dr. AL-Qaddo also projected that the Arab League should play a role in uniting all the Iraqi parties together to ensure a united and well founded political structure in Iraq , as the Arab League is well honoured and respected between all the Iraqi parties.

Shabak Man Gunned Down In Mosul


A Shabak man was gunned down with a silencer in North Garage area district in Mosul. His name Husam AL-Dean Shehab Mawlood was a young man who was killed because he was a Shabaki. The Shabak Democratic Party condemn these sectarian killings and call on the Iraqi government to protect the Shabak people.

AL-Qaddo meets with a delegation from UNAMI


Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo Chairman of Iraqi minorities met with members of the Council of the United Nations Secretary-General representative Mr. Martin Kobler in Iraq to discuss security and political situation in Iraq in general and the conditions of Iraqi minorities in particular. The delegation included both Mr. Amin Farhan Jajo member of the Iraqi Parliament for the National Yezidi and Mr. Lewis Akulaims Vice President of the Council for Christians and Mr. Raad Jabar for Mandaeans and the Secretary of the Council and the Information Mohammed Ibrahim, a member of the Administrative Body for the Council. They discussed the political and security situation and the components shabak, Yezidis and Christians in the Nineveh Plain and the ongoing attempts of some parties to break the culture of some minorities. Especially the Shabak people facing repression and persecution through the presence of headquarters of political parties in their areas and being targeted by terrorists groups in Mosul.

A seminar held by the Council of Iraqi minorities


The Council of Iraqi minorities held a seminar at the Hall of the Assyrian Democratic Movement, in cooperation with the list of Mesopotamia national symposium on Saturday morning on February 25 2012 under the title of minorities and the proposed law on the Federation Council, during which the discussion was on the proposed law submitted by the committees of the provinces and the legal representative, which was read in the House of Representatives and on the basis of Article 65 of the Iraqi Constitution. After extensive discussions the Iraqi Minorities Council Members urged that their is a need to ensure a true representation of the minorities of Iraq in the Federal Council,through the quota system.

Turkish Consulat in Mosul Invite Dr.ALqaddo


The new Turkish Consulate in the province of Nineveh, met with Dr. Al-Qaddo and his delegation on February 22, 2012. The parties discussed the Turkish and the web of bilateral relations between their peoples and work to develop cultural and social relations as well as search for the unity and security of Mosul, Iraq. Both parties agreed to hold further serious and constructive meetings in the future.

Blast Kills at least 9 in Shabak Neighbourhood

Breaking News

A car bomb exploded in the Al-Ghadeer area, home to families from the Shabak ethnic group minority near Bartella 15Km eastern Mosul on Monday, killed at least nine people and wounding 13 others, police said. Officers discovered another parked car rigged with explosives in the same area, said Mosul police Lt. Col. Hilal al-Ahmedi. Monday's attack once again was a sectarian attack as most of the Shabak are shiites Muslims, who were displaced from other areas of Mosul in the last few years. The Shabak Democratic Party call on the Iraqi government to take vital actions to bring security and safety to the Shabak people.

the secretary general of the shabak democratic assembly makes a visit to shabak villages

Ninevah Plains

On part of his vist to Ninevah Plains the Secretary General of the Shabak Democratic Assembly, Dr.  Hunain Al-Qaddo made a visit to a number of Shabak villages (Bareema, Bashbeeta) meeting with the Shabak people there and listening to their concerns and requests. He also met with the mayors of these villages and paid his condolences at funerals at these villages.

Conference for the components of Iraq


On the morning of 31/12/2011 this conference was held, it was organized by  The Cultural Committee for the Sadrist Movement and in cooperation with the Iraqi Minorities Council this was the second conference organized by the two parties under the theme ( Unity is our Objective, Peace is our Goal, Building is our Work) at the Hall of the Youth Forum in the Holy city of Al. Kathamia. The conference was chaired and moderated by Dr. Hunain Al- Qaddo, Chairman of the The Iraqi Minorities Council where a special paper on this occasion was discussed under the title of Minorities of Iraq and Iraq's federal form.
The Conference was attended by the cultural committee for  Hamid Al-Mukhtar and also the Vice-President of the Shiite Endowment, Mr. Ali Al-Khatib and the representative of Mr. Al-Jaafari, Mr. Mouayad Al-Obeidi, and a large number of political and cultural figures and dignitaries from the various components.

First shabak national conference under the slogan equal opportunity is a right protected and guarateed for all


Where the conference was attended by the representative of the Prime Minister and a number of members of the Iraqi parliament and representatives of some ministries in addition a large number of non-governmental organizations, in addition to 150 personalities who represent different political attitudes and affiliations even those who at one time were the strongest rejectionists to the cause of the Shabak Democratic Assembly attended the conference.  The conference was started by a recitation from the Holy Kouran and for the first time in Iraqi history the Shabak community met in a conference specifically concerning them in Baghdad. Many topics and concerns of the Shabak was discussed, some traditional Shabak folklore was shown in conference.



Shabak minority is included in the establishment of special forces to protect the minorities in thier areas. This inclusion was made after many protests by the Shabak Democratic Assembly to add this minority to the protection forces.



Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo, the Secretary General of The Shabak Democratic Assembly attended the invitation of the German Embassy in Iraq for a special seminar and film screening concerning the violations of human rights in Iraq. At the seminar Dr. Al-Qaddo noted the special needs for more legislative actions by the Iraqi parliament to produce a more secure and human rights violation free Iraqi constitution that could protect the Iraqis from any types of human rights violations. Dr. Al-Qaddo also went on to say, the Ministry of Human Rights in Iraq needs to establish programs with the help of organizations specializing in human rights to spread the awareness and the dangers of such violations and their consequences on the Iraqi communities. Those who were present at the seminar were all of the Iraqi parliamentary members Dr. Saleem Al-Jaboori and Sofia Suhail and the Romanian, Japanese Ambassadors and other diplomatic staff from different countries.

The Shabak Democratic Assembly Celebrates its Eighth Foundation Anniversary


We congratulate the Shabak people on the celebration of the foundation of the Shabak Democratic Assembly, the Shabak Democratic Assembly has and will continue to fight for the Rights of the Shabak Minority in the new Iraq, and it has managed to express the will of the Shabak people and will continue to achieve all the goals of the Shabak minority. The celebration began on the morning of the 21 of May 2011 with prayers for all the Martyrs of this minority who have paid their pure blood for the Shabak cause. Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo the Secretary General of the Shabak Democratic Assembly made his annual speech on this occasion where he paid tribute to the Shabak Martyrs and especially to Malla Abbass Kathim the Shabak hero Martyr who was assassinated by those who have tried to erase the Shabak Minorities Rights and have tried to steal the identity of this peaceful people but in their attempts they have just added power to the will of right of the Shabak people which keeps growing day by day. He went on to express the achievements of the Shabak Democratic Assembly over the past years and its goals for the Future, the large gathering of Shabak people and noble men all pledged their continued support for the Shabak Democratic Assembly which is the only true representative for the Shabak people. Mr. Qussay Abbass the Shabak representative in Mosul city council went on to give his speech on this occasion expressing the positive role of the Shabak Democratic Assembly in the Shabak community and the importance of the Shabak community in Mosul city. Other administrative members of the Shabak Democratic Assembly gave speeches also on this occasion also.

Iraqi Minorities Council Congratulates the Assyrian Women's Union 19th Anniversary


Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo head of the Iraqi Minorities Council was invited by the Assyrian Women's Union to attend the 19th anniversary of its founding in Baghdad. Dr. Al-Qaddo was greeted by the head of the Assyrian Women's Union Mrs. Wileet Korkees where he expressed his solidarity with Iraqi women and especially our Christian brothers as they are an authentic and represent a vital, important component of Iraq, hoping to see that all Iraqis can live peacefully together.

Minorities Workshop & Human Rights


On the 7th of May 2011 the technical institute for international law and human rights held a workshop in Baghdad. The workshop invited leading Iraqi figures in discussing human rights issues in Iraq and also the human right problems which ethnic minorities face in Iraq. Dr. hunain Al-Qaddo head of the Iraqi Minorities Council in Iraq attended the workshop and disccused vital laws which should be implented to help the ethnic minorities human rights issue.

Iraqi minorities alliance holds a meeting in hamdaniya township


The Iraqi Minorities Alliance held a meeting for the general administration in Hamdania township  on the morning of the 31st of January 2011 headed by the alliances current Secretary General  Mr. William Warda,  the township Mayor also attended the meeting Mr. Neesan Razooki  and members of the township council representatives were present at the meeting. From the Alliances administration Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo  the Shabak Democartic Assembly Secretary General and former parliament member, Mr. Abalhad Afram the former Parliament member and Mr. Eido Baba Shiek the consultant for the Iraqi President and Mr. Salah Ameen from the Iraqi minorities council and other administration members also attended the meeting.
Many subjects were discussed concerning the Iraqi minorities and Human Rights and what the Iraqi minorities are facing from oppression and terrorism and their weak representation in the Iraqi government also the Iraqi Census and the position of the Iraqi minorities during the Census process was discussed.
Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo in his word to the attendees said that the Hamdania Township specifically and Nineveh Plains in general is an example of how the different Iraqi factions and minorities can live together in a peace and respect to each other, he also went on to say that the current government had put down the hopes of the Iraqi minorities due to their lack of concern and support to the minorities of Iraq and how many large political parties are allowed to use the minorities to the advantage of their political agendas, and the importance of the role of government to protect and provide security for the Iraqi minorities in their areas.

Terrorists in mosul continue to threaten, kill and displace shabak families


The terrorist in the city of Mosul continue killing, threatening and forcing the people of the Shabak  Iraqi minority to leave the city of Mosul or pay a ransom of 12 million Iraqi dinars for being allowed to stay. The Shabaki Iraqi civilian Mohammed Bakir form the Shabak villiage Jilokhan  was threatened by a terror group to either leave the city of Mosul or pay a ransom of 12 million Iraqi dinars to be allowed to stay, he and his family did not stay and left the city during these cold winter days and returned to their village to find new residence there,  this clearly shows that these terrorist group have control in the city of Mosul and are left to do what they will by the Iraqi government and Iraqi forces we call upon the Iraqi government to live up to its word of providing security and protection for the Iraqi minorities and to catch these criminal terror groups and prevent the forced displacement of the Shabak people from the city of Mosul.

Shabak civilian is critically injured by U.s. cluster mine


A Shabak Iraqi civilian by the name Mohammed Thikir was critically injured by an American cluster land mine that had been dispersed during the U.S. Invasion of Iraq in 2003, such land mines were thrown over areas of Shabak farming land by U.S. airplanes and not removed after the end of the invasion, these cluster mines pose a threat to the innocent Shabak farming people we call upon the US army to remove these mines and hold them responsible for such incidents.

Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo Opens A Newly constructed school in Mowafaqia


Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo opens the newly constructed Primary School in Mowafaqia Shabak Village; members of the American PRT responsible for financing the school project organized the opening ceremony. Members of the Shabak Democratic Assembly attended the opening ceremony and the village people and the members of the school administration were participated in the ceremony. Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo on this occasion gave a word on the importance of such projects and the importance of promoting education in all parts of Iraq and the importance of learning to our children especially in the Iraqi villages, he also went on to thank the PRT for financing this important project. The head of the PRT projects for Mosul also made his speech in Arabic defining the importance of such projects and the support of the American government for such projects.

Shabak delegation meets the newely appointed minister of education


On the 3-1-2010 a delegation from the Shabak Democratic Assembly visited the honorable Minister of Education at his office in the ministry, the delegation included Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo and members of the Shabak Democratic Assembly Baghdad. The delegation congratulated the newly appointed Minister and wished him success in serving Iraq and the Iraqi people. The delegation discussed many problems regarding the conditions of education for children in Nineveh Plains and how it is possible to improve education and the schools there. The delegation also informed the minister about the mistake in the National Education schoolbook for primary five children. The Minister of Education promised the following after the meeting:-

  1. To recall all the National Education Schoolbooks for primary five and correct the mistakes printed.
  2. To solve the problem of a lack of schools and teachers in Mosul in general and also in the Shabak areas.
  3. To teach the Shabak language in Nineveh plains at primary schools.
  4. To solve the problem of Basheeqa and Telkef provinces where Kurdish at the schools there is made a compulsory language that is taught.
  5. Solve the problem of a lack of schools for girls.

Nineveh Govern ate Council of Representatives Discuss the Mistakes That are present in the National Education Schoolbook.


Nineveh Govern ate Council of Representative on its sixty ninth meeting discussed the grave mistakes that have been printed in the National Education schoolbook for primary five where the Shabak ethnicity is listed under a religion and not an ethnicity defining the Shabak ethnicity as having another religion other than Islam. A paper was then issued from Nineveh’s Council of Representative directed to the Iraqi Parliament, Ministry of Education and the School Curriculum Directorate in order to inform these government institutes of these unacceptable mistakes that have been printed in children’s Schoolbooks giving false education about an Iraqi Minority.

DR. AL-Qaddo participates in ashoura ceremonies,grieving the death of imam hussien the grandson of the prophet mohamed (s).


Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo Participated on Friday the 17th of December  2010  with the masses of  thousands of Shabak people who came to Al-Imam Zain Al-Abedeen  Mosque site in Ali Rash Village. Nearly 350,000 Shabaks participated in the ceremonies, Dr. Al-Qaddo took the privilege of this great occasion to give a speech to the participants about the unforgettable sacrifice that Imam Hussien paid for the sake of humanity and Islam and how he is the greatest example to all who fight for justness and goodness. Dr. Al-Qaddo met with the governor Of Ninevah there who also came to pay grief on this occasion, Dr. Al-Qaddo also took this occasion to meet with many Shabak noble men participating in the ceremonies.

DR. AL-Qaddo accuses that political parties are behind classifying the shabak as a religion in primary school text books.


Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo the secretary general of the Shabak Democratic Assembly accused political parties which he did not name, as standing behind classifying the Shabak as a Religion and not a Nationality in the primary school curriculum. He added saying that there are hidden hands behind this which are politically motivated in order to achieve the political agendas of certain parties trying to undermine the Shabak people and give false impressions about the Shabak people to others, he continued saying that he hopes that this was an unintended mistake made by the auditing committee that gave the permission to publish the text books being taught in the Iraqi primary schools.
Dr. Al-Qaddo requested that the Ministry of Education should  correct this mistake and change these text books and should apologize for this exceptional mistake and false information that is being taught to our children giving incorrect impressions about the Shabak people.

DR. AL-Qaddo attends a Protest Gathering Held At Sayedt AL-Najat Church


At Sayedt Al-Najat church on the 27.11.2010 and under the coverage by the Iraqi Center of Media Development and the presence of a large number of Iraqi parliamentary members, academics and representatives of the head of state and media reporters a protest gathering was arranged against the terrorists acts carried out against the recent innocent Christian minority and all forms of terrorism in Iraq. Where a show of unity and strength by all Iraqis was announced to show that the Iraqi minorities are an important part of the Iraqi society and these minorities are parts that will not be separated from this society by the evil forces of terror that want to divide the Iraqis. On his behalf Dr.Hunain Al-Qaddo the secretary general of the Shabak Democratic Assembly made a speech showing the Shabak peoples condemnation of such terror acts against all Iraqis alike and all Iraqi minorities paying their condolences to the Christian families whose loved ones were lost by the terror acts at the Sayedt Al-Najat church and conveying that such acts of terror will only unify the Iraqis more and strengthen their ties.

Ussama AL-Nujayfe " The Iraqi constitution gives the right to all the Iraqi Minorities to be charcterized by thier own laguages and cultures where this should be respected by others"


The honorable Mr. Ussama Al-Nujafe the Head of the Iraqi Parliament met with Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo the Secretary General of the Shabak Democratic Assembly and a number of representatives from the Shabak minority at his private office on the 25.11.2010. At the beginning of the meeting the delegation congratulated Mr. Al-Nujafe on his appointment as head of parliament and for the vote of confidence he gained from the other parliamentary members. On his behalf Mr. Al-Nujafe confirmed that the Shabak minority is one of the important factions of the Iraqi society which the Iraqi constitution has confirmed their right to their language , traditions and beliefs  in the new Iraq, where the other Iraqi factions should respect this right and the rights of all Iraqi minorities. He also added that the diversity of cultures that the Iraqi society consists from is one of the strengths that the Iraqi Nation has. He also emphasized the importance of the representation of the Shabak in the new formed government where the Shabaks role is an important one.

Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo holds eid fest gathering at his residence for the shabak people


An Eid celebration gathering was held by Dr.Hunain Al-Qaddo the former Iraqi Parliament member and the head of the Shabak Democratic Assembly at his residence in Bartella where many Shabak people and Sheiks and noble men attended. Dr. Al-Qaddo took this opportunity to express his ongoing commitment to the Shabak people and his stance for fighting for the Shabak rights in the new democratic Iraq. He also talked about the achievements of the Shabak  Democratic Assembly since its foundation in 2003 and its future goals. The Shabak people who attended also expressed their support to the Shabak Democratic Assembly and its leaders.

Shabak delegation Congratulates Mr. Ussam Al-Nujefy on His New appointment


A delegation from the Shabak Democratic Assembly headed by Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo and Mr. Qusay Abass the Shabak representative in Nineveh govern ate visited the newly appointed Head of Parliament Mr. Ussama Al-Nujefy at the Nineveh govern ate building to congratulate him on his appointment. Mr. Al-Nujefy promised that there will be more concern for Nineveh govern ate by the new Iraqi government promising more services and projects to improve the governates infrastructure. He also expressed his optimism in the newly formed government and hoped that this will be the starting point of a more secure and stable Iraq.

The Iraqi minorities alliance holds its first electoral conference


Under the supervision of the United States Institute of Peace and the (USPI), International Law Institute (ILI) and after three preparatory conferences during a few months, The Iraqi Minorities Alliance(IMA) consisting of a number of Iraqi parliamentary members and some pervious Iraqi ministers and other political figures and Iraqi activists in Human Rights concerns and Minority Rights held its first electoral conference at the Al-Alwiya Club hall on the dates from 5-6 November 2010 with the attendance of Mrs. Barbara Hall the head of the USPI  in Iraq and Mr. Jason Cloak the senior advisor for the USPI and Mr. William Spencer the Projects Head for the ILI where amendments to the IMA internal structure rules and its future work list was approved after that the administration members of the Alliance were elected for the first six months and the head of the alliance would interchange every six months to another administration member. The following were elected in the given posts-

Mr. William Warda- Head of Alliance
Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo – Administrative  Member
Mr. Eido Baba Sheikh – Administrative Member
Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim – Administrative Member
Mr. Ablahid Afram – Administrative Member.
Mr. Rasho Ali Shero – Administrative Member.
Mr. Khaldoun Haider – Administrative Member.
Mr. Khazwan YihYa Al-Haidery- Administrative Member

Dr. AL-Qaddo Vistis the Injured and families of the Sayedt al-najat church terrorists attacks


Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo visited the injured victims of the terrorists attack against the Christian minority at Sayedt Al-Najat church in the hospitals of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, and also other families who were undersized at the time of the attack, expressing his condolences to all the innocent people who were killed and a quick recovery to all the injured.

Shabak democratic assembly condemns the terrorist cowardly acts against the Christian Iraqi Minority


The Shabak Democratic Assembly condemns the criminal and cowardly acts carried out against the Christian minority in Baghdad by the murderous terrorists on the bloody Sunday of 31st of October 2010, where innocent people where held captive and slaughtered under the hands of the evil terrorists in the church of Saydet Al-Najat. This act is another attempt of the many concurrent attempts to eradicate all Iraqi minorities. We call out to the political leaders to look away from their political ambitions that has caused this political vacuum giving the terrorists the opportunity to carry out such barbaric acts and be more sincere to the interests of the Iraqi people who have given you their trust.

Mr. Qussay abaas attends Invitation to symposium


The Iraqi institution for Integrity and Transparency held a symposium concerning its programs and function in the city of Mosul, Mr. Qusay Abass the Shabak representative in Nineveh govern ate attended the symposium alongside the second vice governor of Nineveh Mr. Hassan Mahmood and other members of Nineveh council of representatives. Mr. Abass spoke about the importance of the activating the supervisory role of such institutions and its duty in overlooking the executive authorities and the government service departments and  laws which give these institution more power.

Invitation to a political discussion


Based on an invitation from Baghdad Political Forum and the Center for Media Development, Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo participated in a conference at the Sayd Club in Baghdad where many members of the Iraqi parliament attended and also a number of Iraqi NGO’s representatives , Media reporters and journalists covered this discussion. During the discussion Dr. Al-Qaddo talked about how it may be possible to form a new government faster and the main barriers against its formation. Dr. Al-Qaddo also went on to discuss the situation of the Iraqi minorities and their plight during the recent political situation in Iraq.

Dr. Al-qaddo meets with Members of the PRT and the joint checkponts officer in nineveh plains


On the morning of the 16/10/2010 at his residence in Al-Tebia quarters Dr. Al-Qaddo met with members of the American PRT and Lt. Col. Robert the military officer in the American army responsible for the Joint Checkpoints in Nineveh Plains where the following topics were discussed.

  1. The Iraqi General Census.
  2. The loss of security in Nineveh plains over the past year.
  3. The abduction of the Shabaki Abass Majeed Yousif by the Kurdish Secret Police Asayish.
  4. The harassment of the KDP to the Shabak simple people and interrogations carried out by them.
  5. The KDP using the Joint Checkpoints as a means of enforcing its parties benefits in Nineveh Plains.

Dr. Al-qaddo meets with shabak dislocated families and teachers at his residence


Dr. Al-Qaddo met with many dislocated Shabak  families and Shabak school teachers at his residence in Al-Tebia quarters where he expressed to them his commitment in improving the conditions of the Shabak areas and his role in conveying the needs and requests of the Shabak people from the Iraqi government and his ongoing fight against all who want to undermine the Shabak minorities rights in the new democratic Iraq.

SHabak representative in nineveh govern ate attends Al-sadar rememberance gathering


Mr. Qusay Abass the Shabak representative in Nineveh Province attended a gathering in Bartella in remembrance of the great martyr Mohamed Mohamed Sadiq Al-Sadir, where he gave a speech on this occasion expressing the great message this heroin martyr has given to all Iraqis in his role in fighting all forms of global oppression and acts of inhumanity, also Mr. Abass went on to express the Sadrists national commitment in supporting the Shabaks people cause.

Iraqi Minorities Council Holds its First Meeting After its elections


The new administration for the Iraqi Minorities Council held its first meeting after the elections which took place on 1-10-2010 at its headquarters in Baghdad, during the first meeting the Head of administration (Dr. Hunain AL-Qaddo) was selected and his vice (Mr. Luis Aklemis) , who was given the responsibility of projects manager for the council. On this occasion we congratulate all elected members of the council and its Head Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo.

Shabaki MAn detained by Kurdish Secret police


The Kurdish secret police (Assyish) belonging  to the KDP headquarters in Bartella township in the afternoon of 5-10-2010 detained the Shabaki Abass Majeed Yousif the civil servant in the department of personal records, he was transfered to Basheeqa and then to Aqra without any knowing of the reasons or causes for this . We detest such unlawful action and request from the Kurdish government to release this innocent man directly.

Dr. Al-Qaddo Meets with senior advisor at the us embassy


With an invitation from the United States Embassy in Iraq Dr. AL-Qaddo  met with Mr. George Sibley the Senior Advisor for the North of Iraq in the embassy , the meeting addressed several important topics of which the process of forming the new Iraqi government by Nuri AL-Malki, the Iraqi General Census and the Human Rights Conditions in the what is called " Disputed Areas".
Dr. Al-Qaddo emphasized the importance of postponing the Iraqi General Census until the proper conditions are met for this Census, like the distribution of Iraqi forces in Kirkuk and the "disputed areas" while the census is taking place to remove the fear of the Arabs, Turkmen and minorities of demographic change that might take place during the census in favor of some parties. Dr. Al-Qaddo also noted that the Shabak Democratic Assembly's stance with regards to this issue is similar to Nineveh Govern ate Council of representatives. At the end of the meeting Dr. Al-Qaddo indicated the humanitarian problems and conditions that the Iraqi minorities suffer from and also his optimism that Mr. Nuri Al-Malki can obtain enough support to attain the needed seats to form the new Iraqi government.

Shabak Major general killed in mosul city


The deteriorating security situation in Nineveh govern ate and the continuation of systematic killing operations in some parts of the governate persists, on the morning of 5-10-2010 and near his house in  Al-Wahada Quarters in Mosul City the Shabak Hero  Major General  Mohamed Aziz Zangna  was killed by the terrorist gangs which roam the city freely and take control of many areas of the city, where these terror groups continue to threaten and kill the minorities living in the city and continue with their terror activities.

Shabak delegation meets with UNAMI REpresentatives


Based on an invitation made to the Shabak Democratic Assembly from the United Nation Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), the secretary general of the Shabak Democratic Assembly and Mr. Mohammed Al-Shabaki met with United Nations Representatives at the UNAMI headquarters in Baghdad where the issues concerning the Iraqi General Census  being carried out in Nineveh was discussed and the recent  abuses that have taken place against the Shabak areas.
On his part Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo  criticized the United Nations Role in Nineveh Plains  for not providing aid and assistance to the minorities and displaced Shabak families living there, where the area suffers from a lack of basic services like water and electricity and educational institutions like schools. At the end of the meeting  Dr. AL-Qaddo called upon the UNAMI to concentrate more effort in the Nineveh Plains area to assist the area and its population.

Iraqi minorities council holds its third electoral confrence


Under the title "Guaranteeing the Rights of Minorities, a Standard for Building a Democratic Iraq" the Iraqi Minorities Council in Baghdad held its third electoral confrence for electing a new administartion for the council . The conference was opened with a minute of silence and then readings from the Holy Koran for the souls of the Iraqi Martyrs who have been lost by all Iraqi factions and sects. Dr. Al-Qaddo the head of the Iraqi Minorities who's  mandate has been expired, gave a speech with respects to this occasion, explaining the history of the formation of the Iraqi Minorities Council in 2005 and the achievements of this council over the past years, Dr. Al-Qaddo also went on to inform that the council is internationally categorized as a fourth category organization and that the council has  relationships with many international human rights organizations and organizations that specialize in minority rights. After that Mrs. Fayha Al-Bayati went on to give a financial report for the council over the years since its foundation, indicating that in 2009 there was  broad activity in the council with expectations that in 2010 the council will be even more active. An election committee was there after formed to supervise the election process for the new administration which included:-
1. Electing representatives for each Iraqi Minority.
2.Electing two representatives women's quota.
3.Electing two representatives for the independents among minorities.

Dr. AL-Qaddo Recent visit to Nineveh Plains


On his recent visit to Nineveh Plains Dr. Al-Qaddo the secretary general for the Shabak Democratic Assembly , met with the Shabak noble men and the Sheiks from the different Shabak clans, discussing with them the recent issues and concerns affecting Nineveh Plains and the Shabak areas. Dr. Al-Qaddo also talked to them about the meetings he had during the past week with the Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki and Ministers and parlament members expressing to them the situation of the Shabak pepole.

Nineveh provincial council makes resolution to stop census in nineveh


Nineveh Provincial Council at its fifty seventh meeting made the resolution to stop the census that is being carried out in Nineveh govern ate due to the occurrence of violations that intersect  with  the standards issued by the United Nations for the census.
The council discussed these violations that took place, of which  the prevention of the auditing group responsible for gathering the data from Nineveh's villages from carrying out their work in the areas of Zamar and Hamdaniya provinces by the Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP), where they were threatened despite the presence of  security protection from the  Ninth Infantry Brigade. Members of the KDP at Hamdaniya also detained the supervisor for the census and the director of education for Hamdaniya for one hour and requested the names and addresses of all the auditors taking part in the census. The bureau at Hamdaniya was then closed for the safety of the auditors and staff working there.
The Director of Education for Nineveh called for the necessity of providing security for the auditors taking part in the census where they are (7638) auditors bearing in mind four staff members from the Department of Education were killed in the prior data collection stage. In the mean time many Yazeedies demonstrated north of Sinjar province calling for a stop to the political pressure that is being practiced against them in their areas by the Kurdish  parties which will affect the results of the census.

Innocent shabak young man killed by the American Army in Bartella


The Shabak Democratic Assembly strongly condemns the inhumane and barbarous acts carried out by the American forces with Iraqi army support, where an innocent Shabaki Iraqi man was killed in his house while sleeping at night on the roof top as these forces invaded the house to get to another targeted neighboring house. During their mission Mr. Kathim an innocent young man  was sleeping alongside his wife after hearing noises and shouting from his father and mother he awoke to the cry of his parents saying there is a burglar in the house Mr. Kathim opened his eyes seeing a dark figure in front of him he jumped on this figure thinking it was the burglar when it was one of the American soldiers, he was suddenly pushed away by the soldier and opened fired upon by the same soldier and others in his task group instantly killing Mr. Kathim. We call upon the American Army to stop the slaughter of the innocent Iraqi lives daily which is excused as a mistake and forgotten as if nothing had happened, is this the human rights that these soldiers fight for?

Shabak representative in nineveh Mr. qusay abbas calls out against bayboch project


The Shabak representative for Nineveh govern ate Mr. Qusay Abass considered that the governor of Nineveh Mr. Atheel Al-Nujayfi  did not do justice for the displaced Shabak families in comparison to others, where he should have prevented the idea of settling the displaced Arabs from Shekhan in the Shabak area of Bayboch, causing tension and problems in the area.
Mr. Abass told the  Kurdish News Agency (AKANEWS) that "the displaced families of Nineveh province all have suffered but Mr. Al-Nujayfi  has not given justice to all the Shabak displaced families who were displaced to Nineveh plains and those who were killed under the terrorists hands, during the past years he has not offered any aid or assistance to these people that were left in the open without any basic necessities for living and whose sources of income were cut when forced to move from Mosul, many families houses were demolished by the terrorists or jobs were lost and these people have had no compensation from Nineveh govern ate". He went on to say " during the committee vote for the Bayboch housing project that was voted 20 to 4 in favor of the project  I warned the governor and members of Nineveh govern ate representatives that this project is similar to Saddams Arabization of the minorities and that this project will cause tension in the area, the land for this project could easily be allocated in many different locations around Mosul in the Arab areas".  

Shabak farmlands stolen during saddams era, stolen once again.


Nineveh governor  Atheel Al-Najayfi announced that 200 hectares that was taken from the farm people of the Shabak village Bayboch during Saddams Era used as a military base for the Republican Guards then, will not be returned to these farm people but instead be used by the govern ate of Nineveh to build 160 houses for displaced Arab families, where this project  will be funded by the United Nations. The villagers of Bayboch responded to this announcement by the governor in disappointment, saying that their lands were stolen from them in the past era and this oppression will continue on the Shabak minority in this new " Democratic" era, noting that this is an attempt to Arabize the Shabak lands and cause tension in the Shabak areas.

Iraqi Minorities Council Meeting with the U.s. Embassy in Iraq


In response to an invitation made by the United States of America Embassy in Iraq to the Iraqi Minorities Council the head and members of the board attended the meeting held with Mr. David Jeffrey the political civil servant at the embassy, the purpose of the meeting was for the embassy to understand the nature of the work done by the Iraqi Minorities Council and its work in fighting for the minorities rights in Iraq and their presence in the political field in Iraq and the situation of the Iraqi minorities in Iraq after the change that has taken place in Iraq. In the beginning Dr. Hunain AL-Qaddo thanked the embassy for giving the Minorities Council this opportunity to express the situation of the Iraqi minorities in Iraq and the  challenges facing them in the future. The representative  for the Iraqi Turkmen minority at the council Mr. Muhammad Adham spoke about the struggle of the Turkmen in the city of Kirkuk and the challenges facing his people in living in harmony in this city with other Iraqi factions and how the governing political party is implicating its agendas in the city. Mr. Widad Rijab talked on behalf of the Philian Kurds in Iraq and how they have been oppressed in the past by the Saddam regime and how they were stripped from their Iraqi nationality and deported to the Iraq Iran borders and till this day no solution has been made for those whose identity was  stolen from them . Dr. Khloud AL-Rubae talked on behalf of the Shabak Womens Association about the hardships that the Shabak women are facing in Nineveh plain after being dislocated from Mosul city and many of which have become widows with orphans due to the evil terrorists deeds. The formal speaker for the Council Mr. Louis Akleemis then talked about the minorities in Iraq in general and about the fight that is taking place over the minorities lands and how political parties are trying to take these lands from the minorities.

Interview by the  Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper with Dr. Al –Qaddo


A Interview with Dr. Al-Qaddo was published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung ,a well known German Newspaper  regarding the situation of the Shabak Iraqi minority. Dr. Al-Qaddo explained the Kurdish Parties intentions and their oppression of the Shabak minority and other Iraqi minorities  and how these parties are trying to Kurdify the minorities areas in order to claim these lands as part of Kurdistan Iraq.  A history of the Shabak was also given in the article and their oppression during the Saddam regime.

Water Project For shabak displaced families


The Shabak Womens Association has completed a project for providing city water to Al-Ghadeer Quarters near Bartella township the quarters contains mainly displaced Shabak families who  were forced out of Mosul city by the evil terrorists. These families were living in terrible conditions and without any city water they depended upon non-drinkable well water which had caused so many illnesses to these families. The project provides fresh disinfected drinkable city water to 50 displaced households. This is only a tip off the ice berg to what over 5000 displaced Shabak families require bearing in mind many of these families are living in very difficult living conditions. We thank the UNHCR and MERCY CROPS for their funding for this project and hope that in the near future other organizations can help fund similar projects to sooth the pain of these displaced families.

Dr. AL-Qaddo In Lebanon Workshop


Based on an invitation from the Geneva Center for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF), the secretary general for the Shabak Democratic Assembly Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo participated in a workshop that was held in Beirut Lebanon from the 13th of July till the 15thof July under the title the Leaders of the Security Sections and the Supervision of the Security and Intelligence Forces, many of the top Iraqi officials attended this workshop including specialists in this field from Belgium, Holland, Serbia, and Switzerland. Dr. Al-Qaddo during the workshop also met with a number of foreign officials from various countries where he had a chance to convey the picture of the Iraqi minorities situation in Iraq.

Remembarance gathering for the great Shabak Martyer Malla Abass


The Shabak Democratic Assembly held a gathering at the assemblies head quarters in Bartella for the second anniversary of the Martyrdom of Mala Abass Kathim who was murdered by the enemies of the Shabak people and the new democratic Iraq. A large number of prominent Shabak tribal leaders and distinct Shabak people attended the gathering in remembrance for this great hero who fought for the Shabak rights who paid his blood for the Shabak cause. We honor this great man  and pay our condolences to his family.

Dr. AL-Qaddo meets with members of the british embassy Iraq


An invitation by Mrs. Sharon Diaz, the secondary secretary in the British embassy Iraq and the head of the Human Rights Bureau at the embassy was made to Dr. Al-Qaddo and his accompanying delegation to attend a meeting at the embassy on the 28-6-2010 both sides discussed the following topics:-

  1. The importance to allocate seats for study scholarships for the Iraqi minorities to study at British Universities on the expense of the British government, at the mean time the embassy has planned 50 scholarships for the whole of Iraq.
  2. The importance of granting refugee residence for Iraqi minorities in Great Britain because of the instability of Iraq and the targeting of these minorities by terror groups and militias.
  3. The importance of carrying out projects in Nineveh plains to improve the services there so that it will encourage the minorities living there to stay there and not leave the country.
  4. The political situation in Nineveh and in Iraq as a whole.
  5. The formation of a High Commission for Human Rights in Iraq

foriegn and commonwealth office meeting


On the 11th of June 2010 Dr. AL-Qaddo had a meeting with Chris Bowers Deputy Head Middle East Group and Greg Shapland Research Analyst Middle East and North Africa in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London.The meeting lasted around 2hrs which concentrated on the formation of the Iraqi Government, Kirkuk , the disputed areas and the results of the last Iraqi general election.Dr. AL-Qaddo highlited the ballot rigging consisting the Shabak reserved seat which the KDP stole from them and was prepared to provide full evidence.

dr. al-qaddo meets With the department for international development


Dr. AL-Qaddo was invited to a meeting with Helen Yaxley Deputy Head Iraq Team and Claire Fitzroy Humanitarian Program Officer from the Department for International Development on the 11th June 2010 in London.
 Discussions centered around the possibility of the DFID involvement in building a university in Nineveh plain to avoid sending minority students (Shabak, Christians, Yezidi..) to Mosul University due to them being targeted by terrorist groups in Mosul city and also Dr. Al-Qaddo emphasized the necessity of building a health care center in the Ninevah plain due to the high demand from displaced minorities from Mosul city.

dr. al-qaddo meets the mrg group


On the 10th of June 2010 Dr. Hunain continued his marathon meetings in London.
 He met with Professor Stefan Wolff from Birmingham University who worked on the Kirkuk dispute with the presence of Minorities Rights Group staff.
The discussion concentrated on conflict prevention in Iraq and its solutions. Dr. Al-Qaddo stressed in the meeting that conflict prevention requires diagnosing the sources of conflict before being able to provide solutions, he also pointed out that wherever there is a conflict taking place there is a violation of human rights, the Shabak and Christian are cases in point.
Dr. Al-Qaddo then indicated the problems facing the minorities in the Ninevah Plain especially the Shabak and Christians in that area as a result of conflict over the area and the violations the minorities rights in the area.

dr. al-qaddo Visit to the house of lords london


Dr. AL-Qaddo general secretary of the Shabak Democratic Assembley, was invited by the Baroness Nicholson Of Winterbourne to attend in the house of lords, the first anniversary of the Iraqi Britain Buisiness Council on the 9th of June 2010 in London. During the meeting Dr. Al-Qaddo had many informal conversations , concerning the political developments in Iraq with many dominant members of the House of Lords, Commons and other U.K politicians , stressing the necessity of Brttish companies involvement in investing in Iraq. Also a few prominent Iraqi politicinas attended the meeting , among them the official speaker of the Iraqi government Dr. Ali AL-Dabbagh and the governor of Basrah. Dr. Al-Qaddo highlited the plight of the Shabak and other minorities in the Ninevah plain facing the oppression from terrorist groups on one hand and the KDP attempts to Kurdify the Shabak on the other hand.

dr. al-qaddo meets with members of the united states institute of peace


With an invitation from the USIP Dr. AL-Qaddo met on 28-5-2010 with Mr. Sean Kane who is responsible for the Iraqi Program at the USIP. Where Dr. Al-Qaddo discussed   the invitation made by the U.S. Ambassador  to  Iraq to  the  importance  that  all  Iraqi  factions should take part in the formation of the new Iraqi government, and where the large Iraqi political blocks should not look at the size of the Iraqi minorities but as an important part of the Iraqi people and their importance in participating in the next Iraqi government, also these minorities should have some administrative competence in the areas where these minorities are situated.

shabak delegation meet with the league of arab states ambassador in iraq


On  May 24, 2010 the Secretary General Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo and his accompanying delegation met with the League of Arab States Ambassador in Iraq Mr. Naji Shalgham where the political situation in Iraq was discussed and the formation of the new Iraqi government, also the recent negotiations that are taking place in Mosul between the Hadba and Taakhy political lists, Dr. Al-Qaddo lessened the importance of these negotiations because  these lists are not there to discuss the real problems that are on hand in Nineveh but are only there to discuss how to divide the governates head formal positions.Mr. Shalgham praised the positive role of Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo  on the national level. He also noted that he always follows the news about the Shabak he also pointed out that it is important that all Iraqi factions participate in the new Iraqi government no matter how small they are.

the First Shabak Poetry meeting


The media office in the Shabak Democratic Assembly held the first Shabak Poetry Meeting  at the assemblies headquarters in accordance to the seventh anniversary for the foundation of the assembly under the title of  Mr. Akeed Session on the 22nd of May 2010, a minute of silence was carried out by the participators in respect for the Shabak martyrs after that Mr. Abd Zahra Agha held a speech concerning the Shabaks poetry history and then the word of Dr. Al-Qaddo concerning this event. After words many Shabak poets presented their poems concerning the Shabak traditions and the love for the Shabak people and their thrive during history, some of the outstanding poets which took part in this event were  Salim Shabaki, Mala Khalil, Mohamed Abass, Ali Ashiq, Abass Agha, after words presents of distinction was handed to the respected poets who were invited to the event.


the seventh anniversary for the foundation of the shabak democratic assembly


A letter of congratulations was sent on the 20th of May  by the head of administration and members of the administration in the Shabak Democratic Assembley to its General Secretary Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo, celebrating the seventh anniversary for the foundation of the assembly and all the accomplishments which the Shabak Democratic Assembly has achieved for the Shabak minority on all levels, we congratulate  the Shabak people and its assembly and wish a brighter future for the shabak people.

visit by u.s. ambassador to nineveh plain


Mr. Christopher Hill, U.S. Ambassador in Iraq visited Nineveh Plain on the 15th of May where he visited Al-Qosh township he was met by Mr. Bassim Blu Kanim the mayor of Tall Kayf district and Mr. George Isaac an official on behalf of the Assyrian Democratic Movement also Mrs. Syria Mahmoud the president of the Shabak Womens Association.
The parties discussed the overall situation of the minorities living in Nineveh Plain and the attempts to blur their identity on the background of political conflicts that have bedeviled the region, Mr. Hill promised that the American government will continue to support the livelihood of the minorities and will provide economic assistance  in creating projects that will benefit the region.

Working Visit to Egypt Concerning Human Rights


Based on the invitation by the American University for Global Peace, Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo Secretary General  of the Shabak Democratic Assembly was on a working visit to the Republic of Egypt to identify the human rights situation in Egypt  and  the governmental and non-governmental organizations working in this field, during the visit which lasted one week Dr. AL-Qaddo met with the ministers of many Egyptian Ministries and also with the Egyptian-Arab and Iraqi media there, where in which he discussed the political situation in Iraq. Those who also were invited from Iraq were some who are affiliated to the Iraqi judiciary executive branch as well as members of the Ministry of Defense and heads of some civil society organizations.

invitation to attend the first Anniversary for the IBBC


Dr. Hunain AL-Qaddo has been invited by the Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne to attend the first anniversary for The Iraqi Britain Business Council (IBBC), at the House of Lords in London the United Kingdom, the anniversary will be held on the 9th of June, where Dr. Al-Qaddo will meet members of the British Parliament and House of Lords and the political situation in Iraq will be discussed.  

Terrorist attacks on the shabak people


After the completion of the legislative elections , the wounded terrorist cells inside the city of Mosul began to reorganize and they have began a new campaign of assault against the Iraqi minorities in the city of Mosul especially targeting the Shabaks and Christian factions, where the local forces and government  have stood still with banded arms amongst these acts of terror.

  1. A member of the Shabak people was detained in one of the university campuses in Erbil where his body was found in one of Mosul city quarters.
  2. The killing of one of the members of the Shabak Family  Ahmed Arab in Al-Methaq quarters and infront of his house.
  3. The killing of a member of the Shabaki family Hussien Jabraiel Shalo where the body was found in Hamdania provience.

To God and to Him we return, calling on the Almighty to grant them eternal peace and inspire their families with patience and fortitude.

Dr. AL-Qaddo meets The ASSISTANT SECretary of state for The U.S.A.


Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo  the secretary General of the Shabak Democratic Assembly met with the Assistant Secretary of State for  the U.S.A. , Mr. Kyle Moore where they discussed the political and security situation in Iraq and the outcome of the elections. AL-Qaddo stressed that the results of the elections are not satisfactory to many Iraqi parties as there was widespread fraud, in particular the results for Nineveh Plain were there was major fraud there due to the absence of Iraqi security forces and the presence of the Kurdish Peshmerga who had changed the election results by implicating various methods and processes there.

iraqi minorities workshop


The Shabak Democratic Assembly represented by its Secretary General Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo and members of the Baghdad office, participated in the Iraqi minorities workshop organized by the International Law Institute (ILI) and the United States  Institute of Peace (USIP), where the workshop addressed how the Iraqi factions can organize working  among themselves , both within the same component and with other components in order to form a coalition, both inside parliament and outside parliament on the civil organizations levels.

Dr. AL-Qaddo meets members of the french embassy


Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo met with the political secretary for the French embassy in Iraq, where they addressed the entire political process and the most important developments and the formation of the new Iraqi government. The security conditions and the situation of Nineveh Plain and the abuses there were also discussed.

vicious attacks on the innocent shabak people by terrorist groups amid silence from the Iraqi government and media.


17-4-2010 The body of a young Shabaki man Massoud Mahmood Jima is found n Bartilla Township after being shot dead and thrown in a field.

22-4-2010 A terrorist group commits another evil crime by hanging a Shabaki man in broad daylight infront of others and passersby while claiming that this is the fate of all Shabak and they will continue to kill Shabak. The incident took place in the Industrial Area for Grains and Crops in Mosul.

24-4-2010 An official source in Ninevah province confirmed that a Shabaki woman was killed by unknown assailants in her house in eastern Mosul, noting the woman was alone in her house at the time of the incident.

The Shabak Democratic Assembly  condemns  the Iraqi government for their silence over these acts of terror on the innocent Shabak people who have been undergoing the eradication by the terrorist groups, the Shabak Democratic Assembly calls the Iraqi government to put a stop to this and to protect the Shabak minority from such terror acts.

Dr. AL-Qaddo Sattelite Interviews


Dr. Hunain AL-Qaddo leader of the Shabak Democratic Assembly has had in the past month many sattelite interviews with different well known channels, among them AlSharqia, AlSumariya, AlBaghdadiya.
In most of the interviews Dr. Al-Qaddo is asked about the security situation in Iraq and the hurdles which have to be past to setup a new government. In some interviews he is asked about the minorities in Iraq and the problems which they face and his opinion of how the outcome of the election process has affected the minorities, especially the Shabak people.

MORE shabak blood flows


    The Shabak people and the Christians have been main targets, in Mosul city by terrorists and other militia groups.
  • On Saturday evening on 03.04.2010 a Shabak person Mohammed Taher Sultan was assasinated after a group of terrorists drove by infront of his house and shot him dead, in the North Garage area of Mosul.
  • Another Shabak citizen was killed in Hay Akhae where an unknown militia group fired upon him and his wife. His wife was wounded seriously and he was killed instantly.

We condemn these attacks on the Shabak people and call on the head of security in Mosul to protect the Shabak people.

A new beginning not an end ..we will fight peacefully!!!


  • After the Kurdish Peshmerga and the whole Kurdish parties who have organised and set a fully well planned scheme into threatening , killing and also forcing the Shabak people into not voting for Dr. AL-Qaddo and the ShabaK Democratic Party.
  • After a planned assasination attempt on Mr. Qusay on the election day to scare the shabak from voting.
  • After forging and rigging the votes so that Mohammed Gem Sheet could get as much votes as possible.
  • Yes after all this and at the end the Shabak people managed to crawl into the polling stations to vote for their true Shabak leader Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo.
    At the end after all dirty and rutheless tactics which they did, they managed to win with a difference of about only 800 votes.
  • We the Shabak people will not stay silent, for this is not an end but a new era ...a new beginning.. the KDP can steal the Shabak seat in parliament but Mohammed Gem Sheet knows very well that only the true Shabak leader is Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo.
  • The Shabak people and the Shabak Democratic Party have not lost but won ....won in the sense that almost 11,000 shabak people went to the polling stations and voted for Dr. Al-Qaddo even though each and every Shabak person who voted knew that his life was at risk !!

assassination attempt on Mr. qusay abbas shabak representative in mosul governate


An attempt to assassinate Mr. Qusay Abbas the Shabak representative in Ninewa governate was carried out on election day 7-3-2010 by the Kurdish Peshmerga at a joint forces checkpoint near Khazna polling station. The Kurdish Peshmerga opened fire on Mr. Qusay Abbas at this check point while he was going to the polling station to cast his vote. He was hit with two shots  one to his shoulder and the other resting in his lung, he was immediately rushed to Mosul Hospital where he under  went an operation to remove the gun shots and stabilize his critical condition.
This carefully planned plot clearly shows the extent to which the criminal  Kurdish Parties will extended their evil hands to prevent the Shabak people from living freely and in peace in their areas. To which extent will they go to ? , we need an urgent response from the Iraqi government , United Nations and the international community to stop the eradication of the Shabak people by the Kurdish parties.
Mr. Qusay Abbas was visited by Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo and the Governor of Mosul and other prominent people to express their support for the Shabak people and their leaders and their resent for the actions of the Kurdish political parties.

THE shabak democratic assembly holds an electoral conference


The Shabak Democratic Assembly held a electoral conference on the morning of Monday the 22nd of February the invitation to the conference was to all the Shabak people , Dr. Al-Qaddo talked about the electoral program and the importance of the Shabak community taking part in the election process and the difference it will make for them. Dr. Al-Qaddo said that  we have two choices not three its either “we are” or “we are not” ,its either our heritage ,language and community becomes instinct , or we continue in our fight for our people and our presence and stay free on our land with raised heads, or become slaves to those who want to erase and destroy the Shabak.
After that Qusay Abbas the Shabak representative in Ninevah governate talked about the importance of full Shabak participation in the upcoming elections. Later on many of the Shabak noble men and shieks spoke about the significant role Dr. Al-Qaddo and the Shabak Democratic Assembly has played in spreading the Shabak voices and getting them heard.



On 10-2-2010 the Asaish from the KDP arrested a Shabak citizen whose name is Yousif Ali Yousif who lives in Khazna village and transferred him to a prision in the Kurdish city of Akra, because he had said he will elect Dr. Al-Qaddo in the upcoming elections.

On 18-02-2010 one of the members of the KDP in Khorssabad village named Shiek Saeed notified the village people that they are not permitted to hang any posters for Dr. AL-Qaddo and anyone caught doing so will face being deported from the village, meanwhile all posters for Dr. Al-Qaddo in the village were torn and ripped by the KDP.

On 19-02-2010 a member of the KDP called Hazim Mahmood Nashwa who currently is the mayor of Bazwaya village threatened the village people that if anyone elects Dr. Al-Qaddo in the upcoming elections will face deportation from the village or death. On the same day a family of three brothers from Bazwaya village were summoned to the KDP head quarters in Kokgely under the accusation that they object the presence of the Kurdish flag raised over their village and they were threatened to be killed if they object anything more from the KDP.

On 20-02-2010 a group of Peshmerga belonging to the KDP using one of the party vehicles began tearing down and ripping all posters in the area between Bartella to Ali Rash Village, they also disfigured the appearance of Dr. Al-Qaddo in the large poster situated at the entrance of Bartella town, although the KDP buliding is right behind the posters location, and they claim they have come to the area to protect the people of that area !!!!!!.



Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo met with Shabak noble  men and the mayors of many Shabak villages at his private residence. The Shabak people who attended this gathering all showed support for Dr. Hunain Al-Qaddo and the Shabak Democratic Assembly in the upcoming elections.